Scripting objects operates on configurations and running objects through the following set of management objects: AdminConfig, AdminControl, AdminApp, and Help.

WAS System Management separates administrative functions into two categories:

  1. Functions that deal with the configuration of WAS installations
  2. Functions that deal with the currently running objects in WAS installations

Scripts deal with both categories of objects. For example, an appserver is divided into two distinct entities.

  1. The configuration of the server which resides persistently in a repository on permanent storage.

    You can create, query, change, or remove this configuration without starting an appserver process. The AdminConfig and AdminApp objects handle configuration functionality. You can invoke configuration functions with or without being connected to a server.

  2. The running instance of an appserver by a JMX MBean.

    This instance can have attributes that you can interrogate and change, and operations that you can invoke. These operational actions taken against a running appserver do not have an effect on the persistent configuration of the server. The attributes that support manipulation from an MBean differ from the attributes the corresponding configuration supports. The configuration can include many attributes that you cannot query or set from the live running object. The WAS scripting support provides functions to locate configuration objects, and live running objects.

Objects in the configuration do not always represent objects that are currently running. The AdminControl object manages running objects.

Use the Help object to obtain information about the AdminConfig, AdminApp and AdminControl objects, and to obtain interface information about running MBeans.