Samples Gallery

The Samples Gallery offers a set of samples that demonstrate common web application (.war) tasks. The Samples install on your local machine by default if you choose a typical install in the product installation wizard; however, if you choose a custom install, the Samples are available as an option.

The Samples Gallery includes the following samples...

Finding the Samples Gallery. Once the Samples are installed on your local machine, they are available to try out. Locate them at http://localhost:9080/WSsamples/. The default port is 9080. If you do not find the Samples on your localhost, confirm their installation and the port number for the internal HTTP server. If you selected coexistence during installation, and changed the HTTP Transport from 9080 to another value, use the new value in place of 9080. On Windows platforms, you can also find the Samples by clicking Start > Programs > IBM WebSphere > Application Server v5.0 > Samples Gallery. It is possible to change the port number, if necessary, in the properties window for the menu item.

Client Samples. A separate Samples Gallery is available for the client Samples. To view these Samples, install the WAS client. The Client Samples Gallery demonstrates the following...

Code Examples. In addition to the Samples in the Samples Gallery, you can find other code examples in the InfoCenter by clicking Reference > Examples in the InfoCenter navigation.

Note: The Samples are for demonstration purposes only. The code provided is not intended to run in a secured production environment. The Samples support Java 2 Security, therefore the Samples implement policy-based access control that checks for permissions on protected system resources, such as file I/O. The Samples also support global security.

The Samples are not supported in a multi-server, clustered environment. Many of the Samples use Cloudscape as a persistent data store on the server. Only one instance of Cloudscape is supported per JVM. As a result, the second server in the node will fail to start the Sample applications, since an instance of Cloudscape has already been created with the first server in the node.

Additional WAS Samples are available on the IBM WebSphere Developer Domain .