SSL configuration repertoire settings

Use this page to define a new SSL alias. Through the SSL configuration repertoire, administrators can define any number of SSL settings to use in configuring the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with SSL (HTTPS), Internet InterORB Protocol with SSL (IIOPS) or LDAP with SSL (LDAPS) connections. You can pick one of the SSL settings defined here from any location within the administrative console that supports SSL connections. This flexibility simplifies the SSL configuration process because you can reuse many of these SSL configurations by specifying the alias in multiple places.

To view this administrative console page, click Security > SSL.

Click New to create a new SSL Configuration Repertoire alias.

Click Delete to remove an SSL Configuration Repertoire alias. If an SSL configuration alias is referenced in the configuration and is deleted here, then an SSL connection fails when the deleted alias is accessed.

Alias Name of the specific SSL setting.


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