Resource Env Entries collection

Use this page to view Resource Environment Entries (ResourceEnvEntry).

An environment resource can be of any arbitrary type. See the EJB 2.0 specification for more information about resource-env-refs and environment resources.

To view this administrative console page, click Resources >Resource Environment Providers > resource_environment_provider > Resource Env Entries.

Name Specifies a text identifier that helps distinguish this resource-env entry from others.

For example, you can use My Resource for the name.

Data type String

JNDI Name Specifies the string to be used when looking up this environment resource using JNDI.

This is the string to which you bind resource-env-ref deployment descriptors.

Data type String

Description Specifies text for information to help further identify and distinguish this resource

Data type String

Category Specifies a category you can use to group environment resources according to some common feature.

It is strictly an organizational property and has no effect on the function of the environment resource.

Data type String