Removing application client resources

The option to delete an item does not offer a confirmation dialog. As a safeguard, consider saving your work right before you begin this task. If you change your mind after removing an item, you can close the EAR file without saving your changes, canceling your deletion. Remember to close the EAR file immediately after the deletion, or you also lose any unsaved work that you performed since the deletion.

This task only applies to J2EE application clients.

  1. Start the ACRCT and open the EAR file from which you want to remove an object. The EAR file contents display in the navigation tree view.If you already have an EAR file open and have made some changes, click File > Save to save your work before preceding to delete an object.

  2. Locate the object that you want to remove in the tree.

  3. Right-click the object, and click Delete.

  4. Click File > Save.