Process definition settings

Use this page to view or change settings for a process definition, which provides command-line information for starting or initializing a process.

To view this administrative console page, click Servers > Application Servers > server > Process Definition.


Configuration tab

Executable Name Specifies the executable name that is invoked to start the process.

Data type String

Executable Arguments Specifies the arguments that are passed to the executable when starting the process.

For example, the executable target program might expect three arguments... arg1 arg2 arg3.

Data type String
Units Java command-line arguments

Working Directory Specifies the file system directory that the process uses as its current working directory.

This directory is used to determine the locations of input and output files with relative path names.

Passivated enterprise beans are placed in the current working directory of the appserver on which the beans are running. Make sure the working directory is a known directory under the root directory of the WebSphere Application Server product.

Data type String