Performance Advisor Report in Tivoli Performance Viewer

View recommendations and data from the Performance Advisor in Tivoli Performance Viewer by expanding the Performance Advisor icon under Data Collection in Tivoli Performance Viewer and selecting the server.

For more information on how to use the Performance Advisor in Tivoli Performance Viewer effectively, see Using the Performance Advisor in Tivoli Performance Viewer.

Message Specifies recommendations for performance tuning.

Double click the message to obtain more details.

Performance data in lower panel Displays a summary of performance data for the WebSphere Application Server. Data here corresponds to the same period that recommendations were provided for. However, recommendations may use a different set of data points during analysis than the set displayed by the summary page.

The first table represents the number of requests per second and the response time in milliseconds for both the Web and EJB containers.

The pie graph displays the CPU activity as percentage busy and idle.

The bar graphs display average thread activity for the Web container and Object Request Broker (ORB) thread pools, and average database connection activity for connection pools. Activity is expressed as the number of threads/connections" busy and idle.