Manage the appserver trace service

You can manage the trace service for a server process while the server is stopped and while it is running. You can specify which components to trace, where to send trace output, the characteristics of the trace output device, and which format to generate trace output in.

  1. Start the administrative console.

  2. Click Troubleshooting > Logging and Tracing in the console navigation tree, then click server > Diagnostic Trace

  3. If the server is running, select the Runtime tab.

  4. For a running server, check the Save trace check box to write your changes back to the server configuration. If Save trace is not selected, the changes you make will apply only for the life of the server process that is currently running.

  5. Perform the desired operation...

    1. Enter the file name and click Dump to dump the in-memory circular buffer.

    2. To change the trace destination from a file to the in-memory circular buffer or to a different file, or to change from the in memory circular buffer to a file, select the appropriate radio buttons, then click Apply.

    3. To change the format in which trace output is generated, select the appropriate value from the drop-down list.


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