Manage active transactions


To manage the active transactions for an appserver, go to...

Admin Console | Servers | Manage Application Servers | server | Runtime tab | Transaction Service | Manage Transactions

For each transaction, the following properties are shown:

local ID
current status 
global ID

The values correspond to the following status...

0 - active
1 - marked for rollback 
2 - prepared
3 - committed
4 - rolled back
5 - unknown
6 - none
7 - preparing
8 - committing
9 - rolling back

Under normal circumstances, transactions should run and complete (commit or rollback) automatically, without the need for intervention. However, in some circumstances, you may need to finish a transaction manually. For example, you may want to finish a transaction that has become stuck polling a resource manager that you know will not become available again within the desired timeframe.

If you choose to finish a transaction on an appserver, it is recorded as having completed in the transaction service logs for that server, so will not be eligible for recovery during server start up. If you finish a transaction, you are responsible for cleaning up any in-doubt transactions on the resource managers affected.


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