Maintaining the WSIF properties file

The Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) properties are stored in the wsif.jar file, in a properties file named This properties file is kept on the class path, so that WSIF can find it and the client administrator can use it to configure WSIF.

Here is a copy of the initial contents of the file. All the possible properties are listed and described.


Usage scenario

# Two properties are used to override which WSIFProvider is selected when there
# exists multiple providers supporting the same namespace URI. These properties are: 
#    wsif.provider.default.CLASSNAME=N
#    wsif.provider.uri.M.CLASSNAME=URI
# CLASSNAME is the WSIFProvider class name
# N is the number of following default wsif.provider.uri.M.CLASSNAME properties 
# M is a number from 1 to N to uniquely identify each wsif.provider.uri.M.CLASSNAME
#   property key.
# For example the following two properties would override the default SOAP provider 
# to be the Apache SOAP provider...

# maximum number of milliseconds to wait for a response to a synchronous request. 
# Default value if not defined is to wait forever.

# maximum number of seconds to wait for a response to an async request. 
# if not defined on invalid defaults to no timeout  


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