Mail provider settings for application clients

Use this page to implement the JavaMail API and create mail sessions.

To view this ACRCT page, click File > Open. After you browse for an EAR file, click Open. Expand the selected JAR file. Right-click Mail Providers > and click New. The following fields appear on the General tab...

Name The name of the JavaMail resource provider.

Description An optional description for the resource provider.

Class Path Specifies a list of paths or JAR file names which together form the location for the resource provider classes.

Protocol Name of the protocol.

Classname Name of the class implementing the protocol. Leave this field blank if you want to use the default implementation.

Type This menu contains the following two values: TRANSPORT or STORE.

Custom Properties Specifies name-value pairs for setting additional properties on the object that is created at run time for this resource.

You must enter a name that is a public property on the object and a value that can be converted from a string to the type required by the set method of the property. The acceptable properties and values depend on the object that is created. Refer to the object documentation for a list of valid properties and values.