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Lotus Domino Server file locations

Lotus Domino server file locations are...


The Domino Server plug-in might fail to configure on a Solaris platform

If this occurs during installation, a dsapi_stderr.txt file is created in the logs directory and you get the following error messages

lotus.notes.NotesException: Could not load dll for system name SUNOS
       at lotus.notes.NotesThread.load(NotesThread.java:210)
       at lotus.notes.NotesThread.<clinit>(NotesThread.java:24)
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: NnotesInitThread
       at lotus.notes.NotesThread.NnotesInitThread(Native Method)
       at lotus.notes.NotesThread.initThread(NotesThread.java:99)
       at lotus.notes.NotesThread.run(NotesThread.java:133)

You can configure the WAS or Domino Server plug-in manually using the Domino Server Web administration tool. The workarounds are as follows:

  1. Start the Domino Server.

  2. Enter the URL for the Domino Server Web Administration site using a browser. For example, http://<hostname>/names.nsf. Enter the administrator user name and password.

  3. Double-click Server-Servers.

  4. Double-click WebServer to configure.

  5. Double-click Edit Server.

  6. Double-click Internet Protocol.

  7. Add the WAS DSAPI plug-in to the DSAPI field. For example, /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/libdomino5_http.so Note: If there are already DSAPI filter files specified use a space to delimit the WebSphere plug-in file.

  8. Double-click Save and Close.

  9. Restart the Domino Server.


Avoiding a DSAPI filter-loading error when the Lotus Domino Server starts.

On a UNIX-based operating system, if the Lotus Domino Web server starts using a non-root user, you are likely to generate a DSAPI filter-loading error when the Lotus Domino Server starts

Error loading DSAPI filter.

Filter not loaded: /usr/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/libdomino5_http.a

Manually change the WAS bin directory permissions from 750 to 755 to run Lotus Domino Server as a non-root user and not generate the error. This change does, however, pose a security risk.

You must also change permissions on the WAS logs directory to 777 to allow Lotus Domino Server to write to the log.

If the Lotus Domino Server is started as root, the problem does not occur.


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