Look up users and groups settings

Use this page to select users and groups for security roles.

To view this administrative console page, click Applications > Enterprise Applications > appname > Map security roles to users/groups > Look up users or groups button.

Different roles can have different security authorizations. Mapping users or groups to a role authorizes those users or groups to access applications defined by the role. Users, groups and roles are defined when an application is installed or configured. Use the Search field to display users in the Available Users list. Click the arrows to add users from the Available Users list to the Selected Users list.

Limit Specifies the maximum number of users/groups that can be returned when assigning users/groups to roles.

A value of 0 implies a return of all users/groups that match the pattern. You can either increase the limit or refine the search pattern to get all the entries.

Data type Integer
Units User name
Default 20
Range 0 or more

Pattern Indicates the search pattern used to search for the entries.

The pattern field should contain the search pattern that should be used to search for the entries. For example, bob* will search all users or groups starting with bob. A limit of 0 gets all the entries that match the pattern and should be used only when a small number users/groups match that pattern in the registry. If the registry contains more entries that match the pattern than requested for, a message shows in the console to indicate that there are more entries in the registry.

Data type String
Units Number of users
Default 20
Range A-Z with *