LocalizableTextEJBDeploy command



This topic describes the command-line syntax for the LocalizableTextEJBDeploy tool. The file that contains this tool (ltext.jar) must be located in the lib directory of the product installation root.

   -a applicationName
   -h virtualHostName
   -i installationDirectory
   -s serverName
   -w workingDirectory



The required parameters, which can be specified in any order, follow...

applicationName The name of the formatting session bean. This name is used in LocalizableTextFormatter instances to specify where the actual formatting takes place. If the name cannot be resolved at run time, the format method throws an exception.

virtualHostName The name of the virtual host on which the formatting session bean is deployed. This value is case-sensitive on all operating platforms.

installationDirectory The location at which the appserver product is installed.

serverName The name of the application server. If this argument is not specified, the default server name for the product is used.

workingDirectory A location for the tool to use temporarily.


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