JspBatchCompiler tool

As an IBM enhancement to JSP support, IBM WebSphere Application Server provides a batch JSP compiler. Use this function to batch compile your JSP files and thereby enable faster responses to the initial client requests for the JSP files on your production Web server.

Batch compiling makes the first request for a JSP file much faster because the JSP file is translated and compiled into a servlet. Batch compiling is also useful as a fast way to resynchronize all of the JSP files for an application.

To use the JSP batch compiler for JSP files, enter the following command on a single line at an operating system command prompt...

JspBatchCompiler -enterpriseapp.name <name> 
                              [ -webmodule.name <name>]
                              [ -cell.name  <name>]   
                              [ -node.name  <name>] 
                              [ -server.name  <name>] 
                              [ -filename <jsp name>]
                              [ -keepgenerated <true|false>]
                              [ -verbose <true|false>]
                              [ -deprecation <true|false>]

If the names specified for these arguments are comprised of two or more words separated by spaces, add quotation marks around the names.



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