JNDI support in WAS


IBM WAS v5.1 includes a name server to provide shared access to Java components, and an implementation of the javax.naming JNDI package which supports user access to the WAS name server through the JNDI naming interface.

WAS v5.1 does not provide implementations for the following packages...

Also, WAS v5.1 does not support interfaces defined in the javax.naming.event package.

However, to provide access to LDAP servers, the development kit shipped with WAS v5.1 supports Sun's implementation of...

WAS's JNDI implementation is based on version 1.2 of the JNDI interface, and was tested with Version 1.2.1 of Sun's JNDI Service Provider Interface (SPI). The default behavior of this JNDI implementation is adequate for most users. However, users with specific requirements can control certain aspects of JNDI behavior.

JNDI name syntax includes the following special characters: forward slash (/) and backslash (\).

Components in a name are delimited by a forward slash. The backslash is used as the escape character. A forward slash is interpreted literally if it is escaped, that is, preceded by a backslash. Similarly, a backslash is interpreted literally if it is escaped.


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