Java Management Extensions connectors

Use this page to view and change the configuration for Java Management Extensions (JMX) connectors.

To view this administrative console page, click Servers > Application Servers > server > Administration Services > JMX Connectors

JMX connectors communicate with WebSphere Application Server when you invoke a scripting process. There is no default for the type and parameters of a connector. The file specifies the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) connector and an appropriate port number. You can also use the RMI connector.

Use one of the following methods to select the connector type and attributes:


Configuration tab

Type Specifies the type of the JMX connector.

Data type Enum
Default SOAPConnector

SOAPConnector For JMX connections using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

RMIConnector For JMX connections using Remote Method Invocation (RMI).

HTTPConnector For JMX connections using HTTP.

JMSConnector For JMX connections using Java Messaging Service (JMS).


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