Manage J2EE Connector Architecture authentication data entries


Java 2 Connector (J2C) authentication data entries are used by resource adapters and JDBC data sources and contain the following authentication data:

Alias identifier used to identify the authenticated data entry. When configuring resource adapters or JDBC data sources, the administrator can specify which authentication data to choose for the corresponding alias.

User ID User identity of the intended security domain. For example, if a particular authentication data entry is used to open a new connection to DB2, this entry contains a DB2 user identity.

Password Password of the user identity is encoded in the configuration respository.

Description Short text description.


Delete a J2C authentication data entry.

  1. Go to...

    Security | JAAS Configuration | J2C Authentication Data

  2. Select the check boxes for the entries to delete and click Delete.

    Before deleting or removing an authentication data entry, make sure that it is not used or referenced by any resource adapter or JDBC data source. If the deleted authentication data entry is used or referenced by a resource, the application that uses the resource adapter or JDBC data source fails to connect to the resources.


Create a new J2C authentication data entry.

  1. Go to...

    Security | JAAS Configuration | J2C Authentication Data | New

  2. Enter a unique alias, a value user ID, a valid password, and a short description (optional).

  3. Click OK | Save.

  4. Sync nodes

New entries are available for data source definitions without cycling the appserver process, but the entry is only in effect after the server is cycled. Specifically, the authentication data is loaded by an appserver when starting an application and is shared among applications in the same application server.

If you create or update a data source that points to a newly created J2C authentication data alias, Test Connection fails to connect until you restart the deployment manager. After you restart the deployment manager, the J2C authentication data is reflected in the run-time configuration. Any changes to the J2C authentication data fields require a deployment manager restart for the changes to take effect.