Install Java 2 Connector resource adapters


  1. Click thru:

    Resources | Resource Adapters | Install RAR

    The Install RAR button opens a dialog that enables you to install a JCA connector and create a resource adapter for it.

    The New button creates only a new resource adapter (the JCA connector must already be installed on the system).

    When installing a RAR file using this dialog, the scope you define on the Resource Adapters page has no effect on where the RAR file is installed. You can install RAR files only at the node level, and the node the file is installed on is determined by the scope on the Install RAR page. The scope you set on the Resource Adapters page determines the scope of the new resource adapters, which you can install at the server, node, or cell level.

  2. Browse to find the appropriate RAR file.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Enter the resource adapter name and any other properties needed under General Properties.

    If you install a J2C Resource Adapter that includes Native path elements, consider the following... If you have more than one native path element, and one of the native libraries native(library A) is dependent on another library (native library B), then copy native library B to a system directory. Because of limitations on most Unix platforms, an attempt to load a native library does not look in the current directory.

  5. Click OK.