Interoperating transactionally between appservers

This topic describes some considerations and actions that you can take to interoperate transactionally between different types of application servers.

To interoperate transactionally with a non-WebSphere appserver, WAS switches dynamically between WebSphere-optimized native transaction contexts and interoperable OTS contexts depending on the capability of the partner with which it is interoperating.

To interoperate transactionally between WAS version 5.1 (or later) and WebSphere Application Server before version 5.0, you need to set the following system properties on appservers before version 5.0
For example, if you want to interoperate between appservers at WebSphere Application Server version 5.1 and WAS version 4.0.n, you need to set the system properties on the version 4.0.n appservers.


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