Importing signer certificates

A signer certificate is the trusted certificate entry that is usually in a truststore file. You can import a certificate authority (CA) root certificate from the CA, or a public certificate from the self-signed personal certificate of the target into your truststore file, as a signer certificate. Read the documentation located at $WAS_HOME/web/docs/ikeyman/ikmuserguide.pdf for further information.

  1. Start the key management utility (iKeyman), if it is not already running.

  2. Open the truststore file. The Password Prompt window displays.

  3. Type the password and click OK.

  4. Select Signer Certificates from the menu.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Click Data type and select a data type, such as Base64-encoded ASCII data. This data type must match the data type of the importing certificate.

  7. Type a certificate file name and location for the CA root digital certificate or click Browse to select the name and location.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Type a label for the importing certificate.

  10. Click OK.

The Signer Certificates field now displays the label of the signer certificate you just added.


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