Host alias collection

Use this page to manage host name aliases defined for a virtual host. An alias is the DNS host name and port number that a client uses to form the URL request for a web application (.war) resource.

To view this administrative console page, click Environment > Virtual Hosts > virtual_host_name > Host Aliases.

Host Name Specifies the IP address, DNS host name with domain name suffix, or just the DNS host name, used by a client to request a web application (.war) resource (such as a servlet, JSP, or HTML page). For example, the host alias name is myhost in a DNS name of myhost:8080.

Port Specifies the port for which the Web server has been configured to accept client requests. For example, the port assignment is 8080 in a DNS name of myhost:8080. A URL refers to this DNS as... http://myhost:8080/servlet/snoop.