Extension MBean Provider settings

Use this page to view and change the configuration for a JMX extension MBean provider.

You can configure a library containing an implementation of a JMX MBean, and its MBean XML Descriptor file, to be used to extend the existing WebSphere managed resources in the core administrative system

To view this administrative console page, click Servers > Application Servers > server > Administration Services > Extension MBean Providers > provider_library_name


Configuration tab

Classpath The classpath within the provider library where the MBean Descriptor can be located. The class loader needs this information to load and parse the Extension MBean XML Descriptor file.

Data type String

Description An arbitrary descriptive text for the Extension MBean Provider configuration. Use this field for any text that helps identify or differentiate the provider configuration.

Data type String

Name The name used to identify the Extension MBean provider library.

Data type String