EJB container system properties

In addition to the settings accessible from the administrative console, you can set the following system property by command-line scripting...

com.ibm.websphere.ejbcontainer.poolSize Specifies the size of the pool for the specified bean type. This property applies to stateless, message-driven and entity beans. If you do not specify a default value, the container defaults of 50 and 500 are used.

Set the pool size for a given entity bean as follows


beantype is the J2EE name of the bean, formed by concatenating the application name, the # character, the module name, the # character, and the name of the bean (that is, the string assigned to the <ejb-name> field in the bean's deployment descriptor). min and max are the minimum and maximum pool sizes, respectively, for that bean type. Do not specify the square brackets shown in the previous prototype; they denote optional additional bean types that you can specify after the first. Each bean-type specification is delimited by a colon (:).

Use an asterisk (*) as the value of beantype to indicate that all bean types are to use those values unless overridden by an exact bean-type specification somewhere else in the string, as follows


To specify that a default value be used, omit either min or max but retain the comma (,) between the two values, as follows (split for publication)


You can specify the bean types in any order within the string.


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