Dynamic cache service settings


To configure and manage the dynamic cache service settings go to...

Servers | Application Servers | server | Dynamic Cache Service


Configuration tab

Startup state Specifies whether the dynamic cache is enabled.

Cache size Specifies a positive integer as the value for the maximum number of entries the cache holds.

Enter the cache size value in this field between the range of 100 through 200,000.

Default priority Specifies the default priority for cache entries, determining how long an entry stays in a full cache.

Default 1
Range 1 to 255

Disk offload Specifies whether disk offload is enabled.

By default, the dynamic cache maintains the number of entries configured in memory. If new entries are created while the cache is full, the priorities configured for each cache entry and a least recently used algorithm, are used to remove entries from the cache. In addition to having a cache entry removed from memory when the cache is full, you can enable disk offload to have a cache entry copied to the file system (the location is configurable). Later, if that cache entry is needed, it is moved back to memory from the file system.


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