Deploying and managing using programming

This section describes how to use Java administrative APIs for customizing the WAS administrative system. WAS supports access to the administrative functions through a set of Java classes and methods. You can write a Java program that performs any of the administrative features of the WAS administrative tools. You can also extend the basic WAS administrative system to include your own managed resources. For more information, view the JMX Javadoc .

  1. Decide that you want to write a Java administrative program. Instead of writing a Java administrative program, consider several other options that you can use to manage WAS processes. These options include: wsadmin, the administrative console, or the administrative command line tools. The administrative tools provide most of the functions you might need to manage the product and the applications that run in the WAS. Use the command line tools from automation scripts to control the servers. Scripts written for the wsadmin scripting tool offer a wide range of possible custom solutions that you can develop quickly.

    You might have management features for your application or operating environment that are not implemented in the basic WAS administrative system. In this case, you can use the administrative classes and methods to add newly managed objects to the administrative system. You can also incorporate WAS administration into other Java programs by using the Java administrative APIs.

  2. Create a custom Java admininstrative client program using the Java administrative APIs. (Optional)

  3. Extend the WAS administrative system with custom MBeans. (Optional)


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