Default binding

The default binding information is defined in the ws-security.xml file and can be administered by either the administrative console or by scripting.

Certain applications can share certain binding information. This information includes truststores, keystores, and authentication methods (token validation). WAS provides support for default binding information. Administrators can define binding information at the server level and applications can refer to this binding information.

You can define the following binding information in the ws-security.xml file:

Trust anchors (truststore)

Collection certificate store

Key locators

Trusted ID evaluators

Login mappings



In the WebSphere Application Server, each server has a copy of the ws-security.xml file (default binding information for Web services security). There is no cell-level copy of the ws-security.xml file, which is only available in the WAS Network Deployment installation. To navigate to the server-level default binding in the administrative console, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Servers > Application Servers > server.

  2. Under Additional Properties, click Web Services: Default bindings for Web Services Security.

Web services security run time uses the binding information in the application EJBs or Web module binding file ibm-webservices-bnd.xmi(or ibm-webservicesclient-bnd.xmi if Web services is acting as a client on the server) if the binding information is defined in the application-level binding file. For example, if key locator K1 is defined in both the application-level binding file and the default binding file (ws-security.xml), the K1 in the application-level binding file is used.


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