Debugging with the Application Server Toolkit

The Application Server Toolkit, included with the WAS on a separately-installable CD, includes debugging functionality that is built on the Eclipse workbench and that includes the following...

The WAS debug adapter which allows you to debug Web objects that are running on WebSphere Application Server and that you have launched in a browser. These objects include enterprise beans, JSP files, and servlets.

The JavaScript debug adapter which enables server-side JavaScript debugging.

The Compiled language debugger which allows you to detect and diagnose errors in compiled-language applications.

The Java development tools (JDT) debugger which allows you to debug Java code.

All of the debug components in the Application Server Toolkit can be used for debugging locally and for remote debugging.

To learn more about the debug components, launch the Application Server Toolkit, select Help > Help Contents and choose the Debugger Guide bookshelf entry. To learn about known limitations and problems that are associated with the Application Server Toolkit, see the Application Server Toolkit release notes.


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