Data sources for application clients

The J2EE application client does not support looking up or directly accessing data sources configured on WAS because the J2EE application client does not support Java 2 Connection Factories. To use a data source directly from the client application, use the ACRCT to configure your data source. In addition, WAS and WebSphere Application Server clients do not provide client database drivers to be used directly from a J2EE application client. If your application client accesses a database directly, provide the database drivers on the client machine. You might contact your database vendor to acquire client database driver code and licenses. Instead of accessing the database directly, it is recommended that your client application use an enterprise bean. Accessing a database through an enterprise bean eliminates the need to have database drivers on the client machine, since the database access is handled by the enterprise bean running on the WAS. For a current list of providers that are supported on the WAS go the following site:

Supported hardware, software, and APIs