Data access bean types


Note that WAS V5.1 does not support JDBC 3.0.

There are several sets of classes referred to as data access beans. To make things clearer, you can refer to the classes by the name of the JAR file that contains them:

databeans.jar Ships with WAS V5.1. Contains classes that enable one to access the database using the JDBC API.
ivjdab.jar Ships with Visual Age for Java. Contains all of the classes in the databeans.jar file and classes that support use of the data access beans from the VAJ Visual Composition Editor.
dbbeans.jar Ships with WebSphere Studio Site Developer and WebSphere Studio Application Developer. Contains a set of data access beans to more closely conform to the JDBC 2.0 RowSet standard.

IBM strongly suggests that any new applications using data access beans be developed using the package that is provided with WebSphere Studio Application Developer.