Custom property settings

Use this page to set custom properties that might be required for Resource Providers and Resource Factories

To view this administrative console page, click Resources >JDBC Providers > JDBC_provider > Data Sources > data_source> Custom Properties > custom_property.


Configuration tab

Scope Level to which this resource definition is visible -- the cell, node, or server level.

Resources such as JDBC Providers, Namespace bindings, or shared libraries can be defined at multiple scopes, with resources defined at more specific scopes overriding duplicates which are defined at more general scopes.

Note that no matter what the scope of a defined resource, the resource's properties only apply at an individual server level. For example, if you define the scope of a data source at the Cell level, all users in that Cell can look up and use that data source, which is unique within that Cell. However, resource property settings are local to each server in the Cell. For example, if you define max connections to 10, then each server in that Cell can have 10 connections.

Cell The most general scope. Resources defined at the Cell scope are visible from all Nodes and servers, unless they are overridden. To view resources defined in the cell scope, do not specify a server or a node name in the scope selection form.

Node The default scope for most resource types. Resources defined at the Node scope override any duplicates defined at the Cell scope and are visible to all servers on the same node, unless they are overridden at a server scope on that node. To view resources defined in a node scope, do not specify a server, but select a node name in the scope selection form.

Server The most specific scope for defining resources. Resources defined at the Server scope override any duplicate resource definitions defined at the Cell scope or parent Node scope and are visible only to a specific server. To view resources defined in a server scope, specify a server name as well as a node name in the scope selection form.

When resources are created, they are always created into the current scope selected in the panel. To view resources in other scopes, specify a different node or server in the scope selection form.

Data type String

Required Specifies properties that are required for this resource.

Setting can be true or false.

Data type String

Name Name associated with this property (PortNumber, ConnectionURL, etc).

Data type String

Value Specifies the value associated with this property in this property set.

Data type Integer

Description Specifies text to describe any bounds or well-defined values for this property.

Data type String

Type Specifies the fully qualified Java data type of this property .

There are specific types that are valid:

Data type Pick file