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Illegal conversion occurs on any VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA column in a container-managed persistent bean

When enterprise beans with container-managed persistent (CMP) types that have any VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA columns defined on a DB2 table are deployed in the DB2 universal JDBC type 4 driver to persist the data, an SQLException of illegal conversion is thrown at run time. This exception only occurs when you use the DB2 universal JDBC type 4 driver and with the deferPrepares property being set to true. When the deferPrepares property is set to true, the DB2 universal JDBC type 4 driver uses the standard JDBC data mapping.

Currently, the generated deployed code does not follow the standard JDBC specification mapping. The failure at execution time is because of a problem in the tool that prepared the enterprise beans for execution.

To avoid receiving this exception, choose one of the following options...

For current information available from IBM Support on known problems and their resolution, see IBM Support page.

IBM Support has documents that can save you time gathering information needed to resolve this problem. Before opening a PMR, see IBM Support page.


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