Create a JDBC driver on multiple nodes

These are the instructions to create a JDBC Driver in a Network Development (ND) environment. This sample configuration involves two base nodes: node A and node B added to ND on node C.

  1. Open the administrative console.

  2. Click Resources > JDBC Drivers. The default listing is at the node level.

  3. Leave the node text field blank and click Apply to change the scope to the cell level.

  4. Click New to create a new JDBC Driver at the cell level. For the classpath filed while creating the data source, the default is ${DB2_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH}\ Leave it at the default.

  5. Finish creating the JDBC Driver.

  6. Click Environment.

  7. Click Manage WebSphere Variables.

  8. Select each node.

  9. Click DB2_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH (this already exists by default). Here provide the path (in the value field) where exists on the selected node.

  10. Click Apply and save the changes. If you provided a different variable (like ${DB2PATH}) when creating the JDBC Driver, create a new variable by clicking New.

    Note that This variable must be defined on each node under the cell.