Configure new mail sessions for application clients

During this task, you configure new mail sessions for your application client. The mail sessions are associated with the pre-configured default mail provider supplied by the product.

  1. Start the ACRCT and open the EAR file.The EAR file contents are displayed in a tree view.

  2. Select the JAR file in which you want to configure the new JavaMail session.

  3. Expand the JAR file to view its contents.

  4. Click JavaMail Providers > MailProvider > JavaMail Sessions. Complete one of the following actions:

    • Right click the JavaMail Sessions folder and select New Factory.

    • Click Edit > New on the menu bar.

  5. Configure the JavaMail session properties in the displayed fields.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Click File > Save on the menu bar to save your changes.