Configure new URL providers for application clients

During this task, you create URL providers and URLs for your client application. In a separate administrative task, install the Java code for the required URL provider on the client machine on which the client application resides.

  1. Start the ACRCT.

  2. Open the EAR file for which you want to configure the new URL provider. The EAR file contents display in a tree view.

  3. Select the JAR file in which you want to configure the new URL provider from the tree.

  4. Expand the JAR file to view the contents.

  5. Click the folder called URL Providers. Complete one of the following actions...

    • Right click the folder and select New Provider.

    • Click Edit > New on the menu bar.

  6. Configure the URL provider properties in the resulting property dialog.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click File > Save on the menu bar to save your changes.


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