Configure an appserver in remote mode

  1. After obtaining the necessary information, use the SvrSslCfg class to create the Tivoli Access Manager application name, the configuration file, and the key store file. Configuring an appserver creates user and server information in the user registry as well as local configuration and key store files.

  2. Based on the sample information shown in the SvrSslCfg syntax article, the following example script establishes a connection between and the Tivoli Access Manager secure domain

        java com.tivoli.pd.jcfg.SvrSslCfg -action config  \
        -admin_id sec_master  -admin_pwd secpw   \
        -appsvr_id PDPermissionjapp  -appsvr_pwd pw  -host  \
        -mode remote  -port 999  -policysvr \
        -cfg_file $WAS_HOME/java/jre/ \
        -key_file $WAS_HOME/java/jre/lib/security/pdperm.ks \
        -cfg_action create
    Use the -cfg_action create option to initially create the configuration and keystore files. Use the -cfg_action replace option if these files already exist. If the -cfg_action create option is used and the configuration or keystore files already exist, an exception is thrown.


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