Configure Java messaging client resources


In a separate administrative task, install the JMS client on the client machine where the application client resides. The messaging product vendor must provide an implementation of the JMS client.

During this task, you create new JMS provider configurations for your application client. The application client can use a messaging service through the JMS APIs. A JMS provider provides two kinds of J2EE factories: JMS connection factory and JMS destination factory.

  1. Start the ACRCT.

  2. Open the EAR file for which you want to configure the new JMS provider.The EAR file contents are in the displayed tree view.

  3. Select the JAR file in which you want to configure the new JMS provider from the tree.

  4. Expand the JAR file to view its contents.

  5. Click the JMS Providers folder and click New Provider.

  6. Configure the JMS provider properties in the resulting property dialog.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click File > Save.