Class loader collection

Use this page to manage class-loader instances on an application server. A class loader determines whether an application class loader or a parent class loader finds and loads Java class files for an application.

To view this administrative console page, click Servers > Application Servers > server> Classloader.

Classloader ID States a string unique to the server identifying the class-loader instance. WAS assigns the identifier.

Classloader Mode Specifies the class-loader mode when the application class-loader policy is SINGLE. PARENT_FIRST causes the class loader to delegate the loading of classes to its parent class loader before attempting to load the class from its local class path. PARENT_LAST causes the class loader to attempt to load classes from its local class path before delegating the class loading to its parent; this allows an application class loader to override and provide its own version of a class that exists in the parent class loader.


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