Character codeset conversion support for the Java Object Request Broker service

The CORBA/IIOP specification defines a framework for negotiation and conversion of character codesets used by the Java ORB service. WAS supports the framework and provides the following system properties for modifying the default settings... Name of the native codeset that the ORB is to use for character data (referred to as NCS-C in the CORBA/IIOP specification). By default, the ORB uses UTF8. (In contrast, the default value for versions 3.5.x and 4.0.x of WAS was ISO8859_1, also known as Latin-1.) Valid codeset values for this property are shown in the table that follows this list; values that are valid only for ORBWCharDefault are indicated. Specifies the default codeset that the ORB is to use for transmission of wide character data when no codeset for wide character data is found in the tagged component in the Interoperable Object Reference (IOR) or in the GIOP service context. If no codeset for wide character data is found and this property is not set, the ORB raises an exception, as specified in the CORBA specification. There is no default value set for this property. The only valid codeset values for this property are UCS2 or UTF16.

The CORBA codeset negotiation/conversion framework specifies the use of codeset registry IDs as defined in the Open Software Foundation (OSF) codeset registry. The ORB translates the Java file.encoding names shown in the following table to the corresponding OSF registry IDs. These IDs are then used by the ORB in the IOR Codeset tagged component and GIOP Codeset service context as specified in the CORBA/IIOP specification.

Java name OSF registry ID Comments
ASCII 0x00010020  
ISO8859_1 0x00010001  
ISO8859_2 0x00010002  
ISO8859_3 0x00010003  
ISO8859_4 0x00010004  
ISO8859_5 0x00010005  
ISO8859_6 0x00010006  
ISO8859_7 0x00010007  
ISO8859_8 0x00010008  
ISO8859_9 0x00010009  
ISO8859_15_FDIS 0x0001000F  
Cp1250 0x100204E2  
Cp1251 0x100204E3  
Cp1252 0x100204E4  
Cp1253 0x100204E5  
Cp1254 0x100204E6  
Cp1255 0x100204E7  
Cp1256 0x100204E8  
Cp1257 0x100204E9  
Cp943C 0x100203AF  
Cp943 0x100203AF  
Cp949C 0x100203B5  
Cp949 0x100203B5  
Cp1363C 0x10020553  
Cp1363 0x10020553  
Cp950 0x100203B6  
Cp1381 0x10020565  
Cp1386 0x1002056A  
EUC_JP 0x00030010  
EUC_KR 0x0004000A  
EUC_TW 0x00050010  
Cp964 0x100203C4  
Cp970 0x100203CA  
Cp1383 0x10020567  
Cp33722C 0x100283BA  
Cp33722 0x100283BA  
Cp930 0x100203A2  
Cp1047 0x10020417  
UCS2 0x00010100 Valid only for ORBWCharDefault
UTF8 0x05010001  
UTF16 0x00010109 Valid only for ORBWCharDefault

For more information, read the CORBA/IIOP specification, cited in "Resources for learning."


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