Bean Scripting Framework

The Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) enables you to use scripting language functions in your Java server-side applications. This framework also extends scripting languages so that you can use existing Java classes and Java beans in the JavaScript language. Support in the JSP Engine for the Bean Scripting Framework is deprecated with WebSphere Application Server 5.1.

With BSF, you can write scripts that create, manipulate and access values from Java objects, or you can write Java programs that evaluate and access results from scripts.

WAS provides the Bean Scripting Framework, which consists of a BSF manager, a BSF engine, and a scripting engine.

BSF provides an access mechanism to Java objects for the scripting languages it supports, so that both the scripting language and theJava code can access code exclusive functions. The access mechanism is implemented through a registry of objects maintained by BSF.

BSF in WAS supports the Rhino ECMAScript.

The "Resources for Learning" article provides external BSF links that document future supported languages.


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