Applying access intent policies to methods

You apply an access intent policy to a method, or set of methods, in an application's entity beans through the Assembly Toolkit.

  1. Start the Assembly Toolkit.

  2. Create or edit the application EAR file. For example, to change attributes of an existing application, select File > Open, then select the EAR file.

  3. Select EJB Modules > moduleName > Access Intent.

  4. To configure a new access intent policy, right-click and select New.

  5. On the New Access Intent panel, specify a name and a description. These attributes are provided as a convenience to the developer and are not used at run time.

  6. To select the methods to which the access intent policy should apply, click Add beside the Methods table.

  7. From the Applied access intent list, select an access intent policy.

  8. To override an attribute defined in the applied policy, click Add beside the Access intent attribute overrides table.

  9. Click OK to exit the New Access Intent panel.

  10. Save your configuration by selecting File > Save.


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