Ant tasks

To support using Apache Ant with J2EE applications running on IBM WebSphere Application Server, the product provides a copy of the Ant tool and a set of Ant tasks that extend the capabilities of Ant to include product-specific functions. All of the Apache Ant tasks for the product reside in the Java Package:

The Javadoc for this package contains detailed information about all of the Ant tasks provided and how to use them.

Apache Ant is a Java-based build tool. In theory, it is similar to Make, but Ant is different. Instead of a model in which it is extended with shell-based commands, Ant is extended using Java classes. Instead of writing shell commands, XML-based configuration files are used. These files reference a target tree in which various tasks are run. Each task is run by an object that implements a particular Task interface. Ant has become a very popular tool among Java programmers.

The tasks included with IBM WAS enable one to...

By combining these tasks with those provided by Ant, you can create build scripts that compile, package, install, and test your application on IBM WebSphere Application Server. In order to run Ant and have it automatically see the WebSphere classes, use the ws_ant command.

For more detailed information about Ant, please refer to the Apache organization Web site: .


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