IBM PureApplication System v1.0.4


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  1. Certification
  2. Overview
  3. Maintenance
  4. Administer
  5. Virtual images
  6. Access patterns
  7. Virtual application patterns
  8. Virtual system patterns
  9. Shared services
  10. Monitoring agent
  11. Monitoring portal
  12. Monitor Linux
  13. Monitor WAS
  14. Monitor workload
  15. Monitor HTTP
  16. Monitor hardware
  17. Troubleshoot
  18. Command-line
  19. REST API
  20. Advanced Middleware Configuration

  21. Library
  22. Infocenter
  23. PureApplication Videos v1.0
  24. PureApplication v1.1. Videos


IBM PureApplication Systems automate most of the operations work needed for applications, hardware and data center infrastructure, as well as steps in the application development and deployment process and cloud adoption. The PureSystems family comes with the intelligence needed to handle most configuration, upgrade and maintenance tasks.

IBM PureSystems family includes...

Examples of IBM infrastructure patterns include:

In addition to IBM patterns, more than 320 solutions from 275 leading independent software vendor (ISV) partners across a broad set of industries have been optimized and made available in the PureSystems Centre. Examples of application patterns include:

With IBM PureApplication System and patterns, the administrator needs only an application and the business policies that define the organization's desired outcomes for the application. The system automatically optimizes to meet those outcomes, for example, by...