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Completing migration of a MobileFirst Cordova app

After we use the migration assistance tool, we must modify some portions of your code manually to complete the migration process.

Before you begin


The Cordova app created with mfp cordova create uses the Cordova platform and plug-in versions that were supplied with IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation previous version. After you complete the migration, your migrated app can use Cordova platforms and plug-ins that you obtain independently of IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation. This is the only type of support for Cordova applications that is available with IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8.0.0.

To migrate, you run the migration assistance tool and then make other modifications to our app.


  1. With the Cordova development tool of your choice, add any Cordova plug-ins other than Cordova plug-ins that enable MobileFirst features that were in your original application. For example, with the Cordova CLI, to add the plug-ins cordova-plugin-file and cordova-plugin-file-transfer, enter:

    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-file cordova-plugin-file-transfer

    Note: The mfpmigrate migration assistance tool added the Cordova plug-ins for MobileFirst features, so you do not have to add them. For more information about these plug-ins, see Cordova plug-ins for MobileFirst features.

  2. Optional: If your original application uses the FIPS feature, change the JQuery event listener to a JavaScript event listener that listens to the WL/FIPS/READY event. For more information about FIPS, see FIPS 140-2 support.
  3. Optional: If your original application uses any third-party Cordova plug-ins that are not replaced or supplied by the migration assistance tool, manually add the plug-ins to the Cordova app with the cordova plugin add command. For information about which plug-ins are replaced by the tool, see Starting the Cordova app migration with the migration assistance tool.
  4. Optional: (Only for apps that include the iOS platform, and that use OpenSSL.) Add the cordova-plugin-mfp-encrypt-utils plug-in to our app. The cordova-plugin-mfp-encrypt-utils plug-in provides iOS OpenSSL frameworks for encryption for Cordova applications with the iOS platform. For more information, see Enabling OpenSSL for Cordova iOS and Adding MobileFirst features to an existing Cordova app.


You now have a Cordova app that we can continue to develop with your preferred Cordova tools, but that also includes MobileFirst functionality.

What to do next

Register your app to a MobileFirst Server. For more information, see Registering Cordova applications from the MobileFirst Platform CLI.

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