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Migrate Direct Update

Learn how to migrate Direct Update for V8.0.0. Direct Update is triggered after the first access to a protected resource. The process to deploy new web resources has changed in V8.0.0.

Unlike in previous versions, in V8.0.0, if an application does not access a secure MobileFirst resource, the client application does not receive updates, even if updates are available on the server. A resource might be unprotected, for example because OAuth has been disabled by the annotation @OAuth(security=false) or by configuration. We can work around this risk in one of the following ways:

To use Direct Update: Starting with V8.0.0, you no longer upload a .wlapp file to MobileFirst Server. Instead, you upload a smaller web resource archive (.zip file). The archive file no longer contains the web preview files or skins that were widely used in previous versions. These have been discontinued. The archive contains only the web resources sent to the clients, as well as checksums for Direct Update validations. For more information, see Updating Cordova client apps directly.

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