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Verifying a farm configuration

We can check the status of the farm members from MobileFirst Operations Console.


The purpose of this task is to check the status of the farm members and verify whether a farm is configured properly.


  1. Start all the servers of the farm.
  2. Access MobileFirst Operations Console.

    For example, http://server_name:port/mfpconsole, or https://hostname:secure_port/mfpconsole in HTTPS. In the console sidebar, an extra menu that is labeled as Server Farm Nodes appears.

  3. Click Server Farm Nodes to access the list of registered farm members and their status. In the following example, the node that is identified as FarmMember2 is considered to be down, which indicates that this server has probably failed and requires some maintenance.

    Figure 1. List of server farm nodes

    List of nodes in a server farm, indicating that the first in the list is up and running, and the second one is down.

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