For up-to-date product documentation, see the IBM MobileFirst Foundation Developer Center.

Install by using IBM Installation Manager Install wizard

Use the graphical user interface (GUI) of Installation Manager to install MobileFirst Server.

Before you begin

Before you begin with the installation, make sure that Installation Manager V1.8.4 or later is installed. For more information, see Installing IBM Installation Manager.

Download the Installation Manager repository for MobileFirst Server from the IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation eAssembly on IBM® Passport Advantage®. The name of the image is IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8.0 .zip file of Installation Manager Repository for IBM MobileFirst Platform Server.

Lastly, go through the following sections to learn more about the installation options:


Follow the steps in the procedure to install the resources of MobileFirst Server, and the tools (such as the Server Configuration Tool, Ant, and mfpadm program).

The decisions in the following two panes in the installation wizard are mandatory:


  1. Launch Installation Manager.
  2. Add the repository of MobileFirst Server in Installation Manager.
    1. Go to File > Preferences and click Add Repositories....
    2. Browse for the repository file in the directory where the installer is extracted.

      If you decompress the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8.0 .zip file for MobileFirst Server in mfp_installer_directory folder, the repository file can be found at mfp_installer_directory/MobileFirst_Platform_Server/disk1/diskTag.inf.

      You might also want to apply the latest fix pack that can be downloaded from IBM Support Portal. Make sure to enter the repository for the fix pack. If you decompress the fix pack in fixpack_directory folder, the repository file is found in fixpack_directory/MobileFirst_Platform_Server/disk1/diskTag.inf.

      Note: We cannot install the fix pack without the repository of the base version in the repositories of Installation Manager. The fix packs are incremental installers and need the repository of the base version to be installed.

    3. Select the file and click OK.
    4. Click OK to close the Preferences panel.
  3. After you accept the license terms of the product, click Next.
  4. Choose the package group to install the product.

    IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8.0 is a replacement for the previous releases that have a different installation name:

    • Worklight for V5.0.6
    • IBM Worklight for V6.0 to V6.3

    If one of these older versions of the product is installed on your computer, Installation Manager offers you an option Use an Existing Package Group at the start of the installation process. This option uninstalls your older version of the product, and reuse your older installation options to upgrade IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Center if it was installed. For information about upgrading an older version of the product, see Upgrading to IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8.0.0.

    For a separate installation, select the Create a New Package group option so that you can install the new version alongside with the older one.

    If no other version of the product is installed on your computer, choose the Create a new package group option to install the product in a new package group.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Decide whether to activate token licensing in the Activate token licensing section of the General settings panel.

    If you have a contract to use token licensing with Rational® License Key Server, select Activate token licensing with the Rational License Key Server option. After you activate token licensing, we must do extra steps to configure MobileFirst Server. For more information, see Installing and configuring for token licensing.

    Otherwise, select Do not activate token licensing with the Rational License Key Server option to proceed.

  7. Keep the default option (No) as-is in the Install IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation for iOS section of the General settings panel.
  8. Decide whether to install Application Center in Choose configuration panel.

    For production installation, use Ant tasks to install Application Center. The installation with Ant tasks enables you to decouple the updates to MobileFirst Server from the updates to Application Center. In this case, select No option in the Choose configuration panel so that Application Center is not installed.

    If you select Yes, you need to go through the next panes to enter the details about the database you plan to use and the application server where you plan to deploy Application Center. You also need to have the JDBC driver of your database available.

    For more information about installing Application Center, see Installing and configuring the Application Center.

  9. Click Next until you reach the Thank You panel. Then, proceed with the installation.


An installation directory that contains the resources to install MobileFirst components is installed.

We can find the resources in the following folders:

We can also find some shortcuts for the Server Configuration Tool, Ant, and mfpadm program in the shortcuts folder.

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