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Create the MySQL database tables with the Server Configuration Tool

Use the Server Configuration Tool that is provided with MobileFirst Server installation to create the MySQL database tables.


The Server Configuration Tool can create a MySQL database for you. In Database Selection panel of the Server Configuration Tool, select the MySQL 5.5.x, 5.6.x or 5.7.x option. In the next three panes, enter the database credentials. If the database or the user that you enter in the Database Additional Settings panel does not exist, the tool can create it.

If MySQL server does not have the settings that are recommended in MySQL database and user requirements, the Server Configuration Tool displays a warning. Make sure to fulfill the requirements before you run the Server Configuration Tool.

The following procedure provides some extra steps that you need to do when you create the database tables with the tool.


  1. In the Database Additional Settings panel, besides the connection settings, we must enter all the hosts from which the user is allowed to connect to the database. That is, all the hosts where MobileFirst Server runs.
  2. In the Database creation request panel, enter the login ID and the password of a MySQL administrator. By default, the administrator is root.

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