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Create the DB2 database tables with the Server Configuration Tool

Use the Server Configuration Tool that is provided with MobileFirst Server installation to create the DB2® database tables.


The Server Configuration Tool can create a database in the default DB2 instance. In Database Selection panel of the Server Configuration Tool, select the IBM DB2 option. In the next three panes, enter the database credentials. If the database name that is entered in the Database Additional Settings panel does not exist in the DB2 instance, we can enter additional information to enable the tool to create a database for you.

The following procedure provides some extra steps that you need to do when you create the database table with the tool.


  1. Run an SSH server on the computer that runs the DB2 database.

    The Server Configuration Tool opens an SSH session to the DB2 host to create the database. Except on Linux and some versions of UNIX systems, the SSH server is needed even if the DB2 database runs on the same computer as the Server Configuration Tool.

  2. In the Database creation request panel, enter the login ID and password of a DB2 user with administration privileges (SYSADM or SYSCTRL permissions).

    You need to provide this user with the administration privileges if the DB2 user that is entered in the Database Additional Settings panel does not have those permissions.


The Server Configuration Tool creates the database tables with default settings with the following SQL statement:

CREATE DATABASE MFPDATA COLLATE USING SYSTEM PAGESIZE 32768 It is not meant to be used for production as in a default DB2 installation, many privileges are granted to PUBLIC.

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