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Configure WebSphere Application Server full profile for MobileFirst Server administration

Configure security by mapping the MobileFirst Server administration Java™ EE roles to a set of users for both web applications.


You define the basics of user configuration in the WebSphere® Application Server console. Access to the console is usually by this address:


  1. Select Security > Global Security.
  2. Select Security Configuration Wizard to configure users.

    We can manage individual user accounts by selecting Users and Groups > Manage Users.

  3. Map the roles mfpadmin, mfpdeployer, mfpmonitor, and mfpoperator to a set of users.
    1. Select Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers.
    2. Select the server.
    3. In the Configuration tab, select Applications > Enterprise applications.
    4. Select MobileFirst_Administration_Service.
    5. In the Configuration tab, select Details > Security role to user/group mapping.
    6. Perform the necessary customization.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Repeat steps c to g to map the roles for the console web application. In step d, select MobileFirst_Administration_Console.
    9. Click Save to save the changes.

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